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Established in 1917, the Veitchi Group is one of Scotland’s oldest and largest companies. Specialising in the construction industry, the Veitchi Group’s five companies offer a unique and varied range of services.

Part of that offering is private residential property developments through Veitchi Homes. With offices in Aberdeen and Glasgow, the company aims to identify and develop residential sites in prime locations. It aims to ensure that their new homes combine modern contemporary living with strong traditional design and build quality.

Veitchi Homes is a NHBC Registered Developer and follows the good practise as outlined in the Consumer Code for Home Builders.


Customer Charter

01 Our Customer Charter sets out our commitment to you, we have undertaken to comply with the Consumer Code for Home Builders, a copy of which is available on request.

02 We will provide you with a Home Owner Fact Sheet and our representatives will meet you to take you through the process of buying a property from us. The Home Owner Fact Sheet will contain specific information which will assist you in enjoying your new home and will give you useful information about the development on which you will live.

03 Our marketing and advertising information will be provided in clear terms and our representatives will be trained to offer guidance to you throughout the home buying process.

04 We will endeavour to ensure that you appoint your own professional solicitor or conveyancer to represent your interest and carry out the legal formalities of buying the property.

05 We will make your cancellation rights clear to you.

06 Our Missives, their terms and conditions, will be clear and fair and we will protect any property deposits that relate to the home purchase transaction.

07 We will give you full details about the Warranty providers cover and any other guarantees and warranties for which you may benefit.

08 We will give you reliable information about the timescales of constructing your new home, the date of entry, and the procedure for the handover of the property at date of entry.

09 At the handover stage of the property we will provide a demonstration of the main features of your new home prior to the moving in, we will explain key facts amongst other things on;

  • The operation of the central heating, hot water and other systems
  • The location of the main switches, the consumer unit and stopcocks the way in which the warranties and guarantees work
  • The processes of our Customer Care procedures
  • The checking process for you to confirm that you are content with the following items, where specified, are in order:
  • Sanitary ware (including baths, basins, w.c. etc.), glass (including windows, mirrors and shaver screens), fireplace surrounds, kitchen fittings and appliances, wall tiling and carpets, floor tiling and laminated flooring.
  • The operation of locks and security alarms
  • The meter readings at the time of handover for electricity, gas and water etc.
  • The Health & Safety file

10 We will advise you about our procedures for dealing with customer complaints including the availability of services that can assist in resolving complaints about warranties.

11 We will provide you with a Health & Safety file for your new home under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007. We will provide this at the time of the handover demonstration.

12 Your Health & Safety is important to us and we shall let you know about the Health & Safety precautions that must be taken prior to you visiting a development site, in addition when you are living on site where construction activities are continuing.


Consumer Code For Homebuilders

The Consumer Code for Homebuilders is a voluntary code which was introduced in 2010. It sets out standards for selling of new homes and after sales care which must be met by developers. Veitchi Homes are committed to its values – indeed, it is the first undertaking within our Customer Charter. A copy of the Consumer Code can be downloaded here.

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