Do you have land to sell?

At Veitchi Homes we work closely with landowners, local communities and local authorities to design and plan sustainable homes and developments in settings where people desire to live.

Along with our planning consultant partners we apply our knowledge and experience to negotiate the challenging planning environment and aim to deliver a ‘best value’ approach in the development of land.

Our flexible approach allows us to take account of the wishes of landowners, and the local social and environmental factors affecting communities in our planning for developments and acquisitions. We offer a sensitive local perspective to development solutions and we aim to design high quality, high value products where attention to detail is a key factor.

See our current and future developments to find out more about the type of building projects we undertake.

Why Veitchi Homes?


We are a small team of professionals who can react quickly to assessing opportunities and who offer prompt feedback; we act privately and in confidence.


We aim to maximise the value of development land to the benefit of all parties


We have a flexible approach to obtaining planning solutions and we use local knowledge and experience to design, construct and sell a product which is environmentally and design sensitive to the local surroundings.


We offer highly competitive land bids given our experience of the local sales and construction markets.


How to get in touch.

If you have a potential development site that you may be considering selling, please call 0141 647 0661 or fill in the form below and will arrange to discuss this opportunity with you in more detail.

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